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Building Value Through Marketing
A Step-by-Step Guide
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What's Inside?

Building Value Through Marketing is written in 3 Sections that will help you create breakthrough new products and services regardless of your industry or country.

The Value Mindset

This first section will help you build a clear understanding of what marketing today truly "is" and the principles of value creation that guide it. 


To accomplish this, Section 1 consists of four chapters including (1) What is marketing?, (2) What is value?, (3) Two value equations, and (4) What is marketing strategy?

Section 2

The 12 Building Blocks of Value

Section 2 introduces the 12 Building Blocks that you control in creating products and services that generate new value.

This section introduces each of these in detail, explaining their mechanics, and gives examples of how these have been utilized to transform previous products and services into ones that break through and unleash entirely new levels of value.

12 Steps to Marketing Mastery

This section walks through a step-by-step process that will help you create value-focused products or services. 

This section begins with The 9 Rules that outline exactly how to go about effectively working through Section 3 and then continues through four distinct phases including: Problem Definition, Knowledge Creation, Strategy Creation and Value Creation.  

Section 1

Section 3
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“Get ready to rethink what you believe marketing is all about - "Aha!" moments abound, as you get through this step by step guide, for how to understand, capture and measure value - I use the lessons learned daily!”


Chief Marketing Officer


The Workbook

Download these full-color worksheets to help guide your value-creation efforts.

FREE Resources for Educators

Free PPT or PDF Lessons, Class Project Examples, and much more. Learn how Building Value Through Marketing can be used as your Marketing course textbook:

Supplemental Case studies

Use any of these case studies to further enhance the lessons from Building Value Through Marketing.

Suntory Case (2020)

HOSOO Case (2018)

KITKAT in Japan,

4-Part Case Series (2019)

AGL Case (2016)

Hatsune Miku Case (2015)

About The Author

Philip Sugai is a Professor of Marketing within Doshisha University's Graduate School of Business and a Senior Fellow at the OSIPP-IAFOR Research Center at Osaka University.  Dr. Sugai also served as a Visiting Professor for Stanford University from 2015 - 2017, where he taught Innovation in Japan at the Stanford Overseas campus in Kyoto. Prior to joining the Doshisha University faculty, Dr. Sugai taught at the International University of Japan in Niigata where he also served as Dean and Associate Dean of the IUJ Business School for six years.

He received his Doctorate degree from Waseda University and his M.B.A. in Marketing and Operations Management from New York University’s Stern School of Business. He has worked as a marketing executive at American Express, Muze, Inc., and Lightningcast, Inc., and serves as a marketing advisor and marketing strategy consultant to companies both in Japan and globally.

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