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Sustainable Fashion - the future

There's a huge amount of effort being placed into the integration of sustainability into the global fashion industry.

Here's one of the latest platforms to keep track of this from McKinsey & Co.

While the site is beautifully designed and has excellent content, the question remains as to specifically, what are the goals related to sustainability and fashion, and how are these and other companies working to achieve them?

Here's the link to SASB's materiality map for fashion as a great first step.

Looking forward to more innovation in this incredibly important space.

Here are a few of the other important data sets McKinsey recently released:

Consumer Sentiment on Sustainability & Fashion

Introducing Generation Z and their views on Sustainable Fashion

ESG and Retail

Sustainable Packaging

Smart Bottled and Edible Packaging - the future of packaging

The economics of plastics recycling

Looking forward to seeing clear, objective and measurable goals emerge from all of this dialogue!

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